Look in my eyes

Know I want to survive

Forgive and forget is my goal

I just want the darkness to let go of my soul

Time after time I get told about myself

Those who truly love me and care about my health

Manifest a mirror only I can see

I’m not afraid to ask to save me from me

My own worst critic, fighting through all pain and error

Tryin’ my hardest not to cause any more terror

Spending eternity in Jannah is my choice

So while I’m here, shed sins by letting out my voice

I want this, I even breathe it

To succeed I have to let go of past ish

Help many through poem rhymes and stories to fill massive books

So those after me learn from the missteps I took

All my personalities in check, I got things to do

Bipolar is a bitch, tryin’ to keep negativity subdued

Staring at myself knowing the truth

Don’t really care if I’m good enough for you

I just want the respect, not looking for testing

Allah is the only judge and giver of blessings

Tired of my hair falling out from stressing over things

Freedom to myself I will definitely bring

Time to stop criticizing my reflection

Smile at who I was, who I am and who I will be – acceptation

Good to release the pressure that’s been on my mind

I’m through talking, you’ll see what I see in due time


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