I bet right about now people have realized the small amount of poems up and are saddened by my inability to finish before the new year came in.

Don’t be sad or disappointed AT ALL.

Let’s just say I have a relentless wisdom tooth and a lot of mental strain. The wisdom tooth was so painful I had to visit the hospital. No worries I’m better and will be getting this annoying sucker pulled. As for the mental strain, it allowed me to write while I wasn’t in physical pain, but the poems are rather dark. (Have to edit before I post)

Just because the new year came in doesn’t mean I’m not still aiming for 300. Like I told everyone, the number was a personal thing. The challenge was more about how many quality poems I could accomplish in a short amount of time. And while the ‘deadline’ may have passed, it doesn’t mean my drive is gone. Of course I didn’t expect to be in excruciating pain during the attempt, but things happen.

I’m even more driven about the number and every poem produced will still go under the ‘Quest For 300’ tab until the number is reached. So whether that’s next week or next month, I’m still aiming.

One thing people may not realize about me is that I breathe this writing thing. If I was to stop I may just die inside due to lack of oxygen.

So just remain supportive as you always have. It gives me hope and promise. I have so much that I am working on but the 300 will always be on my agenda until its finished. Why? ‘Cuz I don’t believe in giving up on something I LOVE.

Peace & Blessings