Moment Of Weakness

Nothing but the clothes on my back and shoes on my feet

That’s all I had when I hit the street

Walked for miles until tired

Had to get away from the fire

Got as far as the edge of town

No money to go further so I sat down

Thoughts as if I were on a time out

Gave me moments of clarity killing the doubt

The responsibilities I have turned me around

It’s hard when you hate the bullshit but can’t afford to drown

Taking the hits cuz everybody wants the eight ball

Using me for their strategy and all

I have to make it to the end of the game whenever it comes

Let’s see how interesting this becomes

Arriving back from where I’d gone hours later

Can’t allow this to happen again for any type of hater

That I would be willing to walk away from my life on what any say

But running let’s them win anyway

Here I must stay til it all comes together

It may be a moment of weakness but I’m enduring this stormy weather

There are bigger things in store

I’m leaving the extra shit on the ground and ready to soar


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