Try Again Another Day

Why doesn’t she talk

As I stand at her bedroom door

She pretends to watch t.v.

So she can pretend she doesn’t see me

Nothing to do but walk away

And try again another day

Why doesn’t she say something

As I wait for her to come home

But when she arrives

She walks right by

Not even a glance my way

So I’ll try again another day

Why doesn’t she speak

As I sit behind her in the car

I use the mirror to get her attention

She just ignores my reflection

No heed to me does she pay

I guess I’ll try again another day

Why does she expect me to be civil

Now that I’m an adult and living without her

When I tried to come to her for advice

She disregarded me without blinking twice

Ask her and she’ll deny ever being that way

I got tired of trying again another day

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