Lonely Is The Day

Lonely is the day

that I walked away

from you, my loved one

and now my heart weighs a ton

‘cuz I really did love you

even if you don’t believe it to be true

my mind wanders all the time

to a love that was truly mine

the scared little girl was I

that I gave up without a try

on a love so great

so real it seemed to be fate

but alas I let you go

mostly because I did not know

where life would lead

if I planted love’s seed

I thought I had love in the past

as soon as it came, it went away just as fast

could not trust myself to feel

fearful my heart you would steal

here I am sitting alone

wanting to pick up the phone

but realizing I made the decision

and severed our ties with precision

maybe I made a mistake

‘cuz the thought of you I can’t seem to erase


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