Leaving Port

It’s time to sail away

I’ve been at this port long enough

Brought in during a raging storm

Found shelter within foreign walls

Mended my vessel

Showed a hospitality

Enjoyed the time spent

I wish I could stay longer

This I cannot

Time to continue my journey

I know I have to go

Prepared my departure more than once

Convince myself I can stay a little longer

This time I must go

Don’t have a map

But I’ll know when I get there

Who knows where the wind will blow

It could bring me back to this port

Even if it does not

The memories of wonderful moments live on

Do not forget me

It will be hard to be anywhere else

My heart has lied here for so long

As the sun hits the horizon

I know its time

Goodbye to this strong port

Which kept my vessel safe

Knowing it held precious cargo

All I can do is look back

Maybe one day I’ll see this site again

If I’m meant to return

I won’t be carried by a storm

I’ll sail right in


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