Outside My Window

Sitting in the window

staring out at the world

creating my own reality

like a movie screen

projecting my thoughts

on the landscape

of the great outdoors

The sky is ever beautiful

and the sun is always shining

but I know

in reality

if it don’t rain sometimes

the flowers don’t grow

and the trees won’t outline the sky

As I stare

into the free space

of the universe

sprinkled with so many subtle beauties

and form scenes

steadying my imagination

to a wonderful world

knowing out my window

is a slum

disguised by middle class appeal

the closed mindedness

that lurks beyond where my eyes can see

through the stained glass

colorful tears

weeping for that so perfect world

outside my window

where I can forge the path of life

that scatter my dreams

not wanting to awaken

happily oblivious to the obvious

faintly seeing my reflection

in the glass

that shields me from

outside my window


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