Welcome To Langley


Langley is middle to upper class portion of the city. It sits snuggly to the east of the major highways that link so many counties and boroughs to the city. It’s about 3 miles long and 4 miles wide.

When you enter Langley from the highway, there are upscale restaurants, fitness clubs and business centers, high-rise condos and a superstore. There is even a nationally known University. This section is rather busy during the day, but very relaxed and quiet at night.

As you move further into this part of town you happen upon beautiful 3-story houses with fancy cars in the long driveways lining each street. Huge front lawns and backyards accompany these homes. Some real important people live on these streets. A few crime lords live here also (but you didn’t hear that from me). It’s so quiet the streets seem deserted.

In the center of Langley is Langley Avenue, a wide street which separates the uppers from the middles.

The houses are closer together and only 2-story high on the other side. Instead of single driveways, each block shares a long/wide driveway with garages in the back of each house. Gorgeous porches and pretty lawns line the fronts. A few neighborhood stores placed here and there throughout. It’s pretty quiet aside from block parties on holidays and kids playing before dark.

This style of homes goes on until you exit Langley a mile over across the train tracks.

However, there are two blocks of row homes that sit strategically on small hills. One street curves into the other in the shape of a boomerang. The houses are not the typical design of row homes in the rest of the city. They actually mimic an old fort or small castle, being made with stones instead of brick. This tiny portion of Langley is called Langley Heights. It’s ironically quiet.

While success and secrets emanate from the rest of Langley, Langley Heights is where the real action happens. In this small area there is a combination of types of people that are in the middle: those who have grown up in middle class, those who made a come up from the other side of the tracks, and those who have dropped in status. All these personalities provide for crazy drama.

These are the stories of this neighborhood.

I’m Camille and this is The Langley Heights Chronicles……