2 Years And Going

Two years ago I made the decision to finally make writing a career instead of a far away dream. I went out, bought a Netbook and off I went.

Many pieces and many restructures in my plans, I’m still at it. And each day I’m getting better and better. I’m proud of my own willingness to bring all of you as much of myself as I can both fiction and nonfiction.

With each passing day I strive harder to accomplish all of my goals. I have to say my goals have gotten larger and more vast since I started, realizing my true ability.

While I may not be exactly where I want to be, things are going so well in my eyes. I have the support of not only family and friends, but of the writing world and its fans. And I am so honored to be recognized, even if it is by a small group.

The coming year is filled with so many creative projects. My words branch out to a lot of outlets. Hopefully you all will follow me everywhere I take my writing.

Thanks to Allah for giving me the ability to create while learning. Thanks to my biggest supporters Рmy children and HitMann. Thanks to all those who read my work, give me advice and root for my success. Shukron.

Peace & Blessings