Wake Up In The Morning

i open my eyes in the morning

and i see your eyes

looking at me

while your hand gently reaches to my hair

twisting my locks in your fingers

watching me

as i watch you

placing my hand on your chest

feeling your heart beat


staring at you

imagining what you’re thinking

reading you through your eyes

observing me

tracing my face with your eyes

running your other hand on my shoulder

penetrating my soul with a single touch


gazing at you

feeling your silent emotions

breathing in the essence illuminating between us

studying the subtle movement between us

not wanting to let go of this moment

this sense of completeness

the acknowledgment that I am in love

as i glimpse at you

in love with me

taking in my devotion

capturing our passion for each other

for always

i want to wake up in the morning

and see your eyes

looking at me

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