It seems to me

Folks have an issue with modesty

Why should it matter if one covers her hair

And loose-fitting clothes it what she chooses to wear

Speaks at a tone that is calm and polite

And tries not to use lewd language or back bite

Keeps her eyes low and avoids any advancing gaze

Attending to home and family is how she spends her days

Nights filled with prayer to repent and give thanks

Hoping to be a part of heaven’s highest rank

Is positive in even negative situations

And doesn’t openly air out frustrations

Yet she is treated unfairly

This is what people would rather see

The one who is provocatively dressed

She gets way more respect

She’s hype and never quiet

Always cussin’ and ready to start a riot

Emanates lust in her seductive look

Can heat up the bedroom but can’t cook

Nights filled with partying and getting fucked up

Hoping to not have a hangover when she wakes up

Is negative in positive situations

And lets it be known if there’s any frustration

Yet is hailed respectively

Featured in TV, movies, books, and magazines

That is not the life for me

The first of the two is who I choose to be


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