I Know, I See

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Dedicated to Imani

I know you’re hurtin’

I see the changes aren’t workin’

I know you’re tryin’

I see you sighin’

I know this is hard for you

I see what you wanna do

I know you have your point of view

I see you want what you’re due

I know the position you’re in

I see you fail before you begin

I know he has your head in a spin

I see there’s pain deep within

I know you’re a little confused

I see your emotions are bruised

I know his arrogance can’t be excused

I see you feel refused

I know I have no idea how you feel

I see there’s something you conceal

I know you act like you’re made of steel

I see the crack in your seal

I know the heights you’re trying to climb

I see you’re willing to trudge through the grime

I know how you spend your time

I see you pour your feelings into rhyme

I know things seem a little grim

I see you look a little dim

I know you hate the most that you look like him

I see you’re ready to sink or swim

I know this has to be done

I see you won’t stop ’til the battle’s won

I know you wanna talk to him one on one

I see the first meeting wasn’t your idea of fun

I know you have a lot of pride

I see the truth in your lies

I know you’re aware I’m by your side

I see you’re not satisfied

I know it feels like an asthma attack

I see the barrier you stack

I know you’re gonna go back

I see why you wanna react


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