This One Is For You

This one is for you

The one who holds the umbrella through my storms

The one who went against his norm

The one who is hard on me when I try to give up

The one who gives me the toughest love

Gives me balance in a shaky world

Keeps me giddy like a little girl

For him I’m down to ride

Happy to be at his side

This one is for you

The one who keeps the promises he makes

The one who stands by me even through mistakes

The one who I absolutely adore

The one who knows we are worth fighting for

Lends an ear when I need to talk

Owns up to his faults

Creates a safe atmosphere

When he’s near I have nothing to fear

This one is for you

The one who supports my dreams

The one who helps mend our seams

The one who I will be proud to marry

The one whose children I will gladly carry

Watch as our family grows

Through all the love that we show

Will always be there

Til prune juice and rocking chairs

This one is for you

Only you

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