Cry Of A Mother


The cry of a mother is never heard

She makes no hint to




and despair

She leads best by the example of

hard worker



and friend

She leaves all mistakes behind her

in the shadows

of the soul


and locked away

She gives all she has



kind words

and a smile

She holds only the important things dear

her children

their happiness

their contentment

and their goals

And she is driven by simple things

their acceptance

their playfulness

their joy

their love


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Categories: Poetry
  • This is so true–and such a beautiful poem. “She makes no hint to hardship” …being a mother, a true mother, intent on her children’s happiness and being there, is a selfless act with many rewards:-)

    • Thank you for the kind words. You are so right. There are so many rewards in motherhood. From one mother to another – I salute you.

  • L

    while put

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