Prioritizing Decisions


So….. I have been prioritizing lately. It’s really quite an invigorating process. The amount of knowledge you receive from learning yourself is pretty awesome.

Much of my focus has been on a lot of the wrong things. Like I’ve mentioned before, I spend time concerning myself with what others say or will say about the things I do. It’s really stupid, but I’ve gone through many things, which is why I tend to worry about such trivial nonsense. All in all, I have come to the realization that who I want to be is all that matters.

In my concern for other’s opinions, I have been piling on more and more work. Whether it’s my job, projects for clients, or my career; I have been on the go. My schedule is absolutely horrendous, not to mention all of my other duties, such as my children. It’s my way of “staying busy”. Yet, in all the work that I am doing, I have found that I am overworked, tired and unfulfilled.

With such a hectic schedule, I have spent more time on things I have to do rather than things I want to do. We all have to make that sacrifice once or twice in life. Eventually, you must make the decision when doing what we want to do is more fulfilling than doing what we need to do. That is the place I have reached in prioritizing myself.

Life is too short for it to be decided by someone else’s feelings. The only person who makes or breaks my life is me. This epiphany has sparked a lot of passion. It has also allowed a lot of my shell to start to crack. It’s actually quite enjoyable, like being reborn in a sense of things. Allowing yourself to reset your life is a means of growth. Many people never let themselves be reset because they feel they will miss something or mess something up. Not realizing that not re-centering yourself may cause you to miss something or mess something up.

I was so excited about my grown up decision making that I started typing and this is what came out of it. I enjoy sharing my career and personal growth with all of you. It’s my own personal therapy that helps me to own up to certain things by sharing them with people who will hold me accountable for what I say.




Photo by renjith Krishnan