Things Are Brewing

I get many ideas per day for things I wish to write about and share. From poetry to regular commentary, my mind is always working. Most of my time is spent on networking and building relationships among fans and writers alike. The other part of my time is planning and implementing my ideas.

As of today, I have launched two new blogs, both of which hold some sort of sentimental value in my life. One is a rather personal look into my not much talked about life called Letters To Her. The other is a rather cynical look at the world around me and what I think about it which I say I mean, really dude to many things. Please share the new sites with your friends and family. Support is always a plus 😉

These two new blogs are sure to be the start of something special. There is a 3rd in the workings but I am going to need the help of several writers before it is complete for public view.

By the way, I would like to announce that I am finally doing what everyone has waited for – working on my first book for publication. It may seem that I would have a book ready by now but there hasn’t been one that I felt the people, such as you, would really love. I’m not a fan of putting out crap or writing like other people just to make a quick buck.

So, there are many things brewing in my world and I hope that you all continue to follow me and all the things that I do. Together we are going to rule the literary world one word at a time.