It May Seem

I would like to say good evening to everyone still up. I know that I should be in the bed, but I couldn’t help but send you guys a message before I tucked myself in.

It may seem as I’ve fallen off the map…again. But truth be told, I actually haven’t. Aside from my day to day job, I have been frantically working on my other sites. They both have been a challenge and I am highly enjoying the viewership.

I Mean, Really Dude??? has received over 800 views so far. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, I will explain briefly. This blog allows me to be my natural sarcastic self and point out things that make me raise an eyebrow. It’s kind of funny in a ha ha and ironic sort of way. You will truly enjoy it.

Letters To Her is the other blog that I have been working on diligently. There are fewer posts but that is because the content is rather personal and emotional for me. I’m taking baby steps with this one so I do not spill too much out about myself too fast.

All in all, my absense is not because of a lack of productivity. It’s more because of my overactive productivity in trying to bring you, my wonderful fans and friends, the best (and sometimes worst) of myself. You all have been truly awesome in your support and constant vote of approval.

Please be sure to check out the two new growing sites that will make you laugh and make you cry. And always come here for future updates on everything that I have my hands in.

There are a few other projects in the works, but I have to be mums the word until all things are finalized.

Until next time,

Peace, Release and Hair Grease