Uncanny Inspiration

Inspiration is found in all of life’s moments and all the world’s wonders. There is no limit to the amount of inspiration one can get just by being alive. Each day is filled with things to make us wonder and wander into our innermost selves.

The use of the things that inspire are absolutely critical. One can be inspired to insurmountable greatness, while another can be plunged into the depths of nothingness. This happens when an inspirational moment is highly relevent to one’s own experiences. The bad can issue more bad and the good pouring out prosperity.

Inspiration cannot be timed. It kind of just happens, and most times when you least expect it. It can come in the way of a song, a movie, a speech, a scene, a sound. As simple as a plastic bag blowing in the breeze or as complicated as a conjunction of similes and precisely enunciated words.

Case in point: While sitting on the porch reading “Carry The One” by Carol Anshaw I got this sudden inspiration for a story. Now, I’ve gotten ideas while or directly after reading a book but it usually comes in spurts; a thought here or word there. This time, however, the inspiration was so loud that it began to blur the words in which I was reading taking shape in the hollows of my mind. I had to end my reading for a moment to get a hold on what I was actually thinking.

It took me by surprise the amount of desire I suddenly had to tell this particular story. Especially given the fact that I am working on two novels and many other writing projects. To be honest, it actually startled me a little that the picture started to draw itself on the canvas of my conception and refused to stop growing.

Taking a moment to myself I decided to write this post before I actually dove into the idea inspired by a word, maybe a sentence or paragraph. I’m not entirely sure where it came from. It just started as a moment and grew into an event that refused to conclude.

This takes me back to my earlier point. Inspiration can come from anything, anytime, anywhere. I guess you just have to be open to it. Like me, I could have continued to read, but something tells me I may want to elaborate on this one, and so I am.

The hugest part of inspiration is trust. You must trust what the thing that inspires you is actually saying. Trust that it moves you in just the right direction in order for you too, in turn, to inspire someone else. This can be hard considering we all know that trust is something not easily earned.

So I must trust that this will be something that transcribes into another plain for me. Believe that it will move me to a different level of myself. You too must believe and trust in the inspirations we see, hear, smell, taste – every day.

Until next time.

Peace & Blessings