Where’d It Go

If you notice, “Quest For 300” is missing from the site. Nothing technical occurred, I decided to remove it.

Everyone knows that Quest for 300 is my baby project. It started with me openly challenging myself to a number of poems in a small amount of time that some do not reach in their whole poetic career.

Very naive of me but it forced me to look at what poetry meant to me and the reasons I create. I recognized that this would just be a personal thing to pen 300 poems.

In the process I have kept score here on this site for everyone to enjoy and see my transformation as a poet and a person. However, I wasn’t being totally truthful.

There were poems that I had written that did not make it on the list, viewing them as too personal. Those who know my style know that I don’t really hide my feelings about most things but these took the cake.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know that I’ve cataloged my poems, which includes those no one but I have seen. In the midst of this tedious task I had written enough to create something that would do so much more for others than being on my personal scoreboard.   

Now, as I have not given up on this challenge of self, I will show my talent on a very different scale. Each poem that appeared in the quest for 300 is still a part of the website. You can find them under the poetry category. Some of these and others are in the process of being compiled for publishing.

I am very excited that I am reaching this degree in my career. I’m not on the stage yet but I am walking up the steps. There is still a lot of work that goes into such a project. What I can say though is you guys will be so proud of what I put together.

Until then,

Peace & Blessings