Technically Speaking

For the past couple of weeks I have been fine tuning all the sites under the Ambitious Endeavors umbrella. The experience has been rather interesting. It’s been a little frustrating too, if I may say so.

Creating a network of sites that display different facets of myself for my readers to indulge in is a lot of work. Last year, I began to realize all the technical things that go into properly maintaining multiple sites.

I discovered Technorati, which I know I was slow on the draw finding. Someone mentioned the site to me a long time ago, but I never had the time to really research it. So a few weeks ago I finally took the time to sit down and look around.

After deciding to register my sites with Technorati I began the tedious task of restructuring and redesigning each site that I run. (Which, by the way, it is good to upgrade your site once in a while to give your readers something fresh.)

Now that my sites areĀ approved I am very excited. There are still minor touch ups here and there but I’m pretty much done. It has been quite rewarding with the feedback that I’ve received from friends and fans.

My hope is that I can keep up with all the technical work that goes into keeping a site on the up and up in the blogosphere. And I intend to continue to take you all on the journey with me.