The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

by Victor Habbick

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For a long time I have battled with staying on the ball with my writing. There were days when I couldn’t or wouldn’t write a word. Other days I managed to, at the very least, read or research. Through it all, however, I have tried to be a support for all writers – established and aspiring.

One of my major goals in my writing career is to publish my work in book form. While it would be a check off my bucket list, I couldn’t figure out what would be my first. There are tons of ideas and unfinished manuscripts lying around, but none felt right.

I realized one day that if I really wanted to make an impact, I should go to my first love of writing – poetry. This decision came with a single question: What would be the theme of this compilation? I thought long and hard, writing poems on all kinds of subjects to see if I would get inspired.

Then it hit me like a milk truck and tractor-trailer collision.

The reasoning for my hesitation with writing has much to do with being type-2 bipolar. It’s just a struggle to get out of bed some days because of it and its uncertainty has affected my writing career from day one.

Through this knowledge I came up with The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. This compilation will take readers through my good, bad and ugly days. It will paint a picture of what I’ve become due to an unhealthy amount of traumatic experiences. The book will also show that just because I and others fight every day, it doesn’t make us any less competent.

The book is in the pre-publication stage and I feel overwhelmingly excited. Not only because it will be my first published work (not including articles and such) but also because I get to show regular folks what it’s like to fight with bipolar disorder.

It is my hopes that the book will be ready before the summer is out. I am awaiting the cover designs to be completed. Once I have taken a look at them I will share it here first before I share it on any social media outlet or website that I affiliate with.

This is a huge step for me as a writer and I am very nervous, but I am also extremely optimistic.  As the release date gets closer, I will keep everyone up to date. For now, wish me luck.



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