That Dang Computer Room

The one place in the house that I need to be, but dread going, is the computer room. It is where all the magic happens. Yet, it can be daunting to look at.

The computer room has been a place where some of my greatest triumphs have occurred – the announcing of my book debut, the steady flow of freelance work, and the constant connection with some awesome writers.

This room has also been the spot of some of my biggest failures – 300 poems/blogs in 20 days, a video that refused to work (still have issues with this) and the daily struggle of writer’s block.

What scares and intrigues me about the room is a sort of mystery. The big black swivel chair is fit for a queen. Or at least a semi-important exec of a large company. However, that large computer screen, with its constantly blinking cursor, sends chills down my spine.

Some days, I can’t wait to enter the room. The ideas are usually bursting from my head and I can’t get to the keyboard fast enough.

Other days, I pass by the room, afraid to look inside. Filling up my time with idle pursuits, it calls my name from down the hall.

There is no way that I am the only one with this unusual problem. Or maybe it’s just me. Regardless, me and my computer room are going to have to work something out. Wait. Does that make any sense?

What do you think? Does your computer room/home office give you anxiety? Is there another room in your home that completely creeps you out, but you do not know why?

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