Bedrest Be Damned

Last week was very busy. Aside from the release of my new book, I was also scheduled for kidney surgery. Super exciting and very nerve-racking scenario. All in all, surgery was a success.

Here’s the problem. I was ORDERED to stay on bedrest for a week.

With the procedure that I received, most patients only have to take a day or two to prevent spasms. However, due to the severity of my illness before the procedure, I was placed on a week’s worth of bedrest and specifically told, “NO WORK. JUST REST.”

My thoughts were: Awww, but my book just came out.

So, for the past few days I have laid around and watching tons of television. (Psst! Did you know there is really nothing worth watching during the day? Why on earth do we pay for cable?)

I cannot stand it! No. Seriously. I’m not even supposed to be sitting up writing this post, but I had to say something. It is sooooo boring. Besides, with my new release and a plan for the next already in the works, being down for a week is horrid. BEDREST SUCKS!

However, no matter how much better I feel, I still have a couple more days to do absolutely nothing. And while this is killing me inside, it IS to prevent me from becoming ill again.

So now that I have taken a moment to vent, I think I can rest easier. And if you love me you will not call and tell my doctor. 😉

Until next time.