Exhausting Dreaming

The past couple of days have been highly exhausting. Not so much because of all the work I’ve done, but mostly because sleep has evaded me. It’s really weird too.

For whatever reason I toss and turn all night. When I finally go to sleep, my dreams have been awkward. I have dreamed of my book and everything that could go wrong with the publishing.

Total bummer.

It is amazing that I have wanted to publish a book all these years and when I finally do I have these fleeting dream sequences.

Here’s one:

The doorbell rings in the early afternoon. I open the door to receive the package that awaits for me in the postman’s arms. After signing, I gleefully take the package into the house and search for a blade to open the seal. Puncturing the shipping tape, I rip open the box and giggle out loud as I remove my first book.

At first, I stare at the book, running my hand across the cover. It feels like accomplishment, if something as such could have a feeling. Breathing in deeply I open it. The title page makes me smile.

Turning to the Acknowledgment page things get weird. All the lettering is smashed together and barely legible. As I continue to turn the pages, the color of the font changes to a rainbow spiral that begins to literally spin as I stare at it.

Running to the computer, I try to cancel the orders that have yet to come in, but I can’t. So, I start to edit the version that I have but when I look through it, the manuscript is fine. So I call the publisher and they also tell me that there is nothing wrong with the manuscript.

More books arrive and each of them has a font and/or layout problem. People are starting to call wanting their money back. I begin to panic and cry.

Then I wake up.

It doesn’t seem so bad when I recount it but these simple problems are huge for me.

Dreams such as this are the reasoning behind my exhaustion. I would love to know what they mean. For now, I’m just trying a lot of relaxation techniques.

Until next time.