Snow Day

Snow has dominated the region. It’s actually quite beautiful, until you have to walk/drive in it. However, most things in Philly have been shut down which is confusing. There is not nearly as much white stuff as in previous storms.

Nevertheless, being confined to the house allows for focus on new writing goals.

Today, I’m introducing my daily word count. Some writers keep a daily count goal, but I don’t think that suits my busy schedule. The goal is not to get to a particular number, but to write as many words as I can.

Being held accountable is another goal. Reporting the amount of words I’ve written each day will allow you to see my progress. It will also let you know that I am not just sitting around on my bum, watching t.v. and eating junk food.

I’m not a huge fan of the snow and despise being confined to the house. I think I’ll let it slide today in order to crank out more. Besides, the current weather can be a focus in a piece.

Snow falls so lightly upon my face
It whips up in the wind and dances in place

Or something like that. ?

Happy Reading & Writing!!!