Exercising The Mind

For some time exercise has been an activity that has been absolutely out of the question. Recovering from kidney surgery and dealing with ongoing kidney issues makes it a bit difficult to properly work out – depletion of liquid and all.

This week I was able to begin exercising. Oh, how I missed it. There is nothing more invigorating as a full workout. It’s especially gratifying when you can feel the effects of your hard work.

Now, it was only my second day but the workout got me to thinking about mental exercise.

Many of us spend hours getting our bodies in shape. All the cardio and weight lifting satisfies our outer appearance, but what types of workouts do we allow our minds?

Physical exercise means nothing if our minds are out of shape. While we can go out of our way to “look good”, do we actually think we look good? Most people don’t put thought into the question.

While doing my weight training, I began to think of the many ways in which to exercise my mind. There are so many possibilities.

As a writer, I spend a majority of my mental workouts on word games. They excite me as much as a full physical workout. But I got to thinking that word games weren’t enough to really engage both hemispheres of my brain.

After a relaxing shower, I decided to watch the episode of Brain Games that I missed last night. The topic was stress and how our brains react to it. The show allowed me to realize how much of my brain I wasn’t using.

The conclusion that I came to was spending, not only an hour physically working out but also an hour mentally working out. It’s been rather fun looking into the different ways the mind can have a healthy exercise.

Tell me: Do you mentally workout? If so, what mental activities do you engage in?