Write What You Feel

In this vast world of words, writers are almost always forced to define themselves. Depending on the subject in which we create the collaboration of sentences, there is an informal association to them. Of course, the more of a genre or style one uses, it would only make sense that it becomes attached to the writer.

In literature, there are so many areas to cover. It seems easier to stick to one genre and master it, becoming an expert of sorts. Though, for me, focusing on one style is a difficult task.

Every portion of the literary world excites me. Growing up, I read books of all kinds from mysteries to poetry to romance. I was never satisfied with staying in one lane.

Now, as a writer, it is still very difficult to choose what area to stay in. My first published work was a compilation of poetry. While there are four other compilations in the works, I am unsatisfied with poetry being my next release.

This is mostly due to the fact of not wanting to be defined as a poet. Of course, being a poet is one of my qualities, however it is not all I have to offer.

As I’ve told you in a previous post, there are six novels in the making. Each one is a different genre including a crime novel, a romance novel, and a memoir. All are different and offer another part of my abilities as a writer.

It never seems fair, to me, that writers stick to one style. I know it helps to get fans acquainted with the writer but it seems so limited. The majority of writing sites and blogs tell novice writers to pick a niche and stick to it in order to build their writing platform.

My advice – write what you feel and feel what you write. Don’t limit your abilities. If you’re comfortable in one lane, by all means, do your thing. However, if you want to branch away from writing sci-fi to write a romance novel, I’ll be the first to support you.

Tell me: Do you like to stay in one lane or do you revel in branching out to different genres.