Messing With My Muse

The Nor’easter is bringing amounts of snow that I cannot recall seeing in my 30 years of life. Each week, Philadelphia has had snow storms that produced over 8 inches for a bit over a month.

The storms are a great reason to stay indoors. Although I work from home, so I don’t technically get a snow day (even when power goes out).

Working on Just A Girl has posed a problem small problem. This past week, I’ve been working on the chapter about my grandma.

One of the things that is prominent when speaking of her is her love for her flowers. She maintained a community garden, won numerous awards, and was a member of the Philadelphia Horticulture Center. I loved learning about the many plants, flowers and trees that held her attention.

Throughout the week I have been trying to artistically create my grandmother’s garden. I want readers to see the daisies blowing in the breeze. I want them to smell the roses wrapped around the arch in the garden’s center. I want you to behold the amazingly colored marigolds.

Bringing the colors and smells to life is becoming more and more difficult when the only color I see when looking out the window is white. An exercise that seems to help is closing my eyes and forcing myself to remember the garden. Conjuring the memories were difficult at first, as my grandmother passed away when I was 16 years of age, but I kept trying. The exercise was helping but the snow started coming down again.

If I can pull off igniting a reader’s senses without a muse, I will do cartwheels in the snow. However, as of right now, the snow is a major bummer.

Until next time.