Allergies and Degrees

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day in bed. Aside from a horrible stomach ache, my allergies were at it again.

Growing up I was guaranteed to be knocked down by my allergies for a couple days, once a year. Now, if the temperature fluctuates just a bit I’m sneezing and resemble Roscoe from the television show Martin; nose running faster than I can grab a tissue.

Over the weekend the weather was gorgeous. It was the first real sign of Spring in Philly and everyone was out and about, enjoying the days. After the rainstorm on Tuesday, the temp dropped about 35 degrees.

Being stuck in the bed gave me an opportunity to mentally reflect on my current work, Just A Girl. It helped me remember those times when my allergies would kick my tail so bad that I missed out on some cool activities with friends and family. If my memory served me correctly, I also kept myself out of some situations that could have been detrimental to my life at the time.

So, in retrospect, I guess my allergies aren’t half bad. They forced me to take a moment and focus on something truly important, which is my next book. Also, they kept me from going out and having to endure the cold air that filtered back into the city.

I may have been uncomfortable but at least I was warm and got portions of my project done. ?

Until next time.