Bed Rest Sucks

Any writer would love the opportunity to sit around and do nothing but work on their craft. Not having to do anything but lay around may even seem heavenly.

However, being stuck in the bed is the last place any writer, namely me, wants to be. Of course there is the endless possibilities of time to get things done. But truthfully being bedridden is nothing fun.

At first I figured I would get caught up on tons of work. Boy was I wrong. The medication keeps me sleep or just plain drowsy. And when I’m not in pain my mind is completely blank.

No bright ideas or new found directions for a story come swarming through. Most days I just find myself sitting, wanting to do something other than, well, sit.

It may seem like I’m complaining and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Not going to sugarcoat it at all. My doctors mean well but they have no idea what bed rest is doing to me as writer.

A writer needs to be able to think to write. And while it may seem like this is the perfect opportunity to think, it’s completely the opposite. Tense situations cause a cluttered mind and there is nothing more tense than being stuck in the same room day in and day out. It makes for a high concentration of irritability.

Something inside me is begging to get some writing done. Even if it’s only this post. I must write even if it comes off as a bunch of jibber jabber. Lying in this bed is killing my creativity and I am desperately trying to fight it.

As much as I could go on and on about how uncomfortable this whole scenario is making me, I will discontinue my rant. One thing I don’t want is to come off as a whiny individual. I did, however, want to give an update on my physical progress and let you all know that bed rest sucks.

Until next time.