Stand For Something

After sneaking out of bed for a full day yesterday, I was forced to be back in the lying position. My body wasn’t up for being stuck in a computer chair for a second day.

Being back in the bed I was able to watch television as usual. Normally, I spend my days watching old shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. It’s better than the lie detector/paternity tests on Maury and sleeping with your family member themed Jerry Springer show.

Today, I decided to spend the day watching ESPN. So much was happening in sports that it was hard to turn it off. OKC, my favorite basketball team, is headed to the Western Conference Finals and other interesting events had my attention. Also, I got an opportunity to watch the news, which I do not do on a regular basis.

In the process of t.v. watching, something became very evident to me. I have tons of opinions about many topics that are important to many people.

Most of the time I just go off on rants in the privacy of my own home. The fear of ridicule for how I feel about certain things is the reason why I keep my opinions to myself. Allowing the outside world to know these sometimes controversial opinions could give folks the wrong impression of me or cause people to judge me incorrectly.

It got me thinking. How often do we avoid saying how we feel to keep from being a target? How many times have we just sat idly by while some injustice took place?

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

In light of that quote, I spent time taking notes about subjects that I have strong opinions about. Not that my opinion matters to anyone in particular. But truthfully there are many causes that need a voice. So many voiceless souls need someone to stand up and speak out whether it falls on deaf ears or under high scrutiny.

One such subject formed into an entire article. I’m still working on it but the contents have the capability to make or break my career. It could be deemed as victorious or villainous.

It’s kind of weird that my first stint of creativity is to write articles about actual issues in this world. Not the inspiration I was looking for but beggars can’t be choosey. I’m just gonna ride this wave until the creative juices stop flowing.

Until next time.