The Strangest Thing

The strangest thing is happening.

Here I lay in my hospital bed, wanting nothing more than to ease into a peaceful slumber. With the assistance of medication it is usually a simple task.

However, tonight I cannot seem to sleep. My eyes continuously become heavy as if lazily blinking; too long to rise or fall. On most occasions, my body is the culprit of mental and physical discomfort, yet the bed is at the perfect setting tonight.

It really becomes strange after a few moments with my lids down. In an instant I am jerked awake by an invisible force. No matter what, my eyes will not remain in a state of rest and reflection. Not to mention the beads of sweat that roll down my forehead in a seemingly cool room with no fever to speak of.

Something is definitely perplexing and I intend to get to the bottom of it all. Although, it is a trivial pursuit to investigate the body when it’s had no opportunity of rest or comfort in over 10 hours.

What do you think could be wrong? Is there something physically serious going on or is it completely mental?

Until next time.