Change Of Scenery

Image courtesy of Feelart/
Image courtesy of Feelart/

As a writer, there is always a need to change-up your scenery. Staying in the same space for too long can cloud your creativity causing you to write and rewrite pieces that you aren’t satisfied with.

Lately I have found that I was having this problem. After months of hospital stays and bed rest I thought I had finally gotten to that place where I could successfully write. However, there was still something blocking me.

It wasn’t the infamous “writer’s block” looming over my head. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t believe in writer’s block. I could write and the ideas poured out of my head like an overflowing bathtub. The issue was, were the pieces which I’ve written any good. In my eyes they were not. They all seemed to lack life.

I began to get frustrated again which is not where I wanted to be just starting out again. Lucky for me, I talked with my dad and he said flat-out, “You need a break. You need to go somewhere and just sit. Turn your brain off for a while.”

At first I explained that I had taken enough time off and couldn’t afford any more time.” He then went further into it letting me know that even though I wasn’t writing, I still was constantly worried and stressed about something. He then reiterated, “Go sit down somewhere and breathe.”

For once, instead of being combative, I took the wise man up on his advice. Well, I started to and found other things to do. I kept telling myself that I would take a minute but the minute didn’t come.

My family must have been in cahoots with one another because only a few days after my dad lectured me on needing a break, my niece shows up on my doorstep unannounced and suggests taking a walk. Ironically, I needed it at the time.

Over the past two days my niece has walked and talked with me. At certain points we would sit and just watch our surroundings without words. She forced me to dive into what was blocking my abilities and figure out ways to get past them.

Then something amazing happened. During our walk I ran into an old friend who had been really special to me and I thought I would never see again. Had I not been walking we would have never crossed paths.

The change of scenery from the same four walls I have looked at over the past few months energized me. Now, it wasn’t like I went on some luxurious vacation or something like that. Just being away from home, spending time with a supportive family member and seeing someone who always inspired me did the trick.

The way the world works, everything is rushed and it causes us to stress over everything. This stress can cause all types of blockage. Sometimes you may just need to go somewhere, sit down and breathe. Whether it is a backyard oasis, the neighborhood park, a lovely waterfront or a weekend getaway; everyone needs a change of scenery.


Until next time.