Flashbang: A Video Review

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Flashbang coverLast week I had the honor of doing a video review for Flashbang:  Sci-Fi Stories That Will Blow Your Mind by Rorie Still. This piece of literature means a lot to me as I was able to work as one of the editors for the book. While I was a bit nervous in front of the camera, I got down to business in no time describing the amazing story.

The book contains many stories with twists and turns that will excite and intrigue the reader. Written by a highly creative wordsmith, the stories introduce you to characters that are original and worth following.

I chose to review “My So-Called Power”, a story about a boy who receives remarkable abilities at a time in his life when he needs a hero. Enjoy the video below and be sure to check out Flashbang: Sci-Fi Stories That Will Blow Your Mind.

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