30 Day Challenge: Day 6

It’s Day 6 and it has been a super long day.

Working out is becoming second nature to me now. I’m actually quite proud of my progress. My muscles don’t hurt as much and I’m able to get through the workout without stopping for a breather. I opted for a nighttime workout to relieve the stress of the day.

Since I’ve been back in action I’ve tried to get organized. There are manuscripts still waiting to be edited and tons of articles and poems that need to be put in their proper places. While I never expected to come off bed rest and be right back on schedule, it seems like the more I try to put everything back into place the longer it takes. It could just be my “get it done now” mentality that has me feeling overwhelmed.

After a great workout and shower, I started watching Disney’s TV Doggone Hits on YouTube. I was in a conversation and mentioned watching the series as a child over and over again because my dad had taped it for me and my siblings on VHS. It was fun going back to my childhood for a little while. We’re so innocent as children that we don’t realize how the world actually works. As an adult, it’s good to go back to that place now and then.

My day may have been long but being able to be a kid for 5 minutes made the day all worthwhile. It actually helped my mood a bit too. I’m learning to be more patient with myself in getting things done and being able to push the stress to the side for a while is helping that. I just hope I can keep going.