30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 started with a boost of energy.

To begin the day, I spent a couple of hours on the phone with friend and fellow writer Rorie Still. She is the author of Flashbang: Sci-Fi Stories That Will Blow Your Mind. During our conversation we conversed about writing and production projects, as well as workout regimens and business proposals. The discussions we have are usually long and filled with inspirational ideas. Rorie is a writer that is not afraid to step outside of the box and dance around, not caring who is watching. I truly admire her individuality and character creation. There is always a new idea that she wants to approach or a laundry list of contacts she’s made since our lasting conversation. It is always great talking with her. Be sure to click the links above to follow her on Twitter and to check out her book.

After conversing with Ms. Still I am always SUPER inspired. There is an ever flowing amount of creativity that spreads from my fingers onto the page. I used this creativity to write a few pages of a novel I have worked on for some years now. Mind Games is a story that has been slow-moving but I believe once I finally finish, it will be well worth the time it took to create.

At the end of the day I did another late night workout. Armed with my playlist of hype music I worked up a definite sweat. I’ve added a few reps with the weights as to pay more attention to my arms. Once done I took this photo:


Welcome to the Gun Show
Welcome to the Gun Show