30 Day Challenge: Day 11

Another day down.

Today was rather uneventful but I could honestly say that about most days. This morning I spent time walking the treadmill on full incline. My calves were burning afterwards and my legs felt like rubber when I first got off. It was a hearty and fulfilling workout.

The rest of the day I cozied up with one of the many manuscripts in my editing folder. Luckily for me it’s a compilation of short stories so I don’t have to concentrate as hard on the themes and characters, as they change from story to story.

Editing is a high time for me. Whereas most people see it as boring and rather tedious. I enjoy making a literary work better. It makes me feel like I accomplish something when the writer gets compliments and such. My name may not appear on the cover but I feel as though I played a major role in the production of a book and that makes me feel awesome.

Tonight I’m spending some more time with Guy Kawasaki’s APE: Authors, Publishers, Entrepreneur. Excited for what’s next to learn.

This challenge is really pushing me to be proactive with my career and I love it. Like I told you months ago, no one is stopping me but me so it’s time to get out of my way.