30 Day Challenge: Day 12

The 12th day of this 30 day challenge and it is beautiful outside. Well, sort of. The sun keeps going in and out but considering the heat over the past few days, it’s rather cool and delightful.

Two of my little grown people headed to the hairdresser, so it was pretty quiet in the house. Days like this are always ideal. The less amount of little people in the house, the more I get done. They don’t get in the way but there are those times when they want to ask 21 questions about a manuscript I’m editing or a piece I’m writing.

Some time was spent on my social networks, tweaking the info and poking around for some cool links to follow. People are a great source of information. Sometimes things you don’t readily find yourself, another person will lead you in the correct direction.

I got so much done today that I almost forgot my youngest little person and my god-daughter were in the house. As a treat for them allowing me to work with no interruptions, I took them to the park and let them tire themselves the rest of the way out. We ended the day with pizza and dancing on the Michael Jackson Experience on PlayStation.

Days like this I enjoy the most. Being able to have family time and get an acceptable amount of work done gives me so much peace on the inside. I look forward to continuing on this road of discovery.