30 Day Challenge: Day 14

Today is a new day with new possibilities but honestly I’m still reeling from yesterday. The subject was quite emotional and as much as I would like to let it go, I can’t.

The problem is, I want to do something. Domestic violence affects so many women all over the world. There are so many who don’t have a voice and have no one to turn to. What can I do to help them?

As I said yesterday, I came up with a title, Married to a Monster, last year. The plan was to write another compilation of poems that describe my experiences. Truthfully, though, poetry didn’t seem to cut it with the message I wish to send.

My thoughts then turned to a combination of stories and poetry describing the ugly truths of domestic violence. This way women can learn valuable lessons from my pain as well as know that they are not alone.

While I can be a very private person, nothing good comes from my silence.

Silence is why domestic violence is still such an issue. Too many women are afraid to speak up during or after their experience with abuse. For one reason or another they don’t want to share what they have been through and understandably so.

Well, I refuse to be one of those women for one more moment. From here on out I plan on being a voice and an advocate for women dealing with domestic violence.

It doesn’t just affect the women involved. It affects children, family and friends. Everyone needs to be aware and step up against abuse. If no one else will be heard – I will.