30 Day Challenge: Day 18

Today was my first day for kickboxing. This style of workout I have tried before but not consistently. It’s a very awesome way to get in shape as well as learn some great self-defense techniques. The kickboxing session had my heart pumping at maximum levels and the sweat poured off my body.

The rest of the day I spent reading through an old binder my younger daughter found in the basement. Hundreds of poems filled the pages that I had written over the years. I almost cried when I saw black binder full of loose leaf paper in her hands. Especially considering I thought I had lost the binder when I moved a couple of years ago.

There are so many emotions throughout the book thus far. Poems about love and loss; joy and pain; war and peace. It’s refreshing to see some of my earlier works. Reading them allowed me to see where I’ve come from and gave me an idea of where I would like to go within my literary endeavors.

With the coming projects I have in mind, many of these poems would work great. Of course I would have to edit and tweak many of them but all in all it gives me material. It will take some time to really sort through them all though. I am just excited to continue to go through this book of awesome works written by the younger me.

Hopefully, reading these earlier works will give me the inspiration I need for some new material and I will have some more things to share with you guys.