A week or two ago I was talking to my mother when an Xbox commercial came on. Instinctively, my mother began reciting the poem in which the narrator was reciting. I looked from my mom to the television and back to my mom. It was so amazing. I asked her how she knew what the narrator was saying and she said it was the poem, “Invictus” which she had learned as a child.

At that point I decided to look the poem up and realized how profound it was. On further conversation with my mom, she told me the poem was my Pop-Pop’s (her father) favorite and he had even used it in a sermon before. Immediately I began to read and re-read the poem. Eventually, I created a graphic using the poem and if you look at the Home page of this site, you will see it.

This poem has become an inspiration for me. Invictus means unconquered in Latin. It speaks to dealing with adversity.

Over the course of my life I have been through so many things. I’ve been abused; mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ve been used. I’ve gone through times of depression due to my bipolar disorder. I have had times when I didn’t believe in myself or my abilities. I’ve dealt with negativity, disappointment and rejection.

You know what?!

Regardless of all that, I always manage to fight. I never lay down on the mat until the count of ten. I always get up and force my way forward. And as long as I remain in charge of my fate I will always be the captain of my soul. No one or nothing can bring me down unless I allow it.

That is something I will say to anyone who is reading this. As long as you believe in you, there is nothing you can’t do. Fight the good fight and be true to yourself in whatever that means. Never allow others to define who you are. Be the captain of your soul.