Don’t Believe The Hype


There are so many people who have the major misconception of the word, “success”. Many people view success as having a lot of money and possessions. They believe that the more clout you have, the more successful you have to be. They also believe that these are the ONLY true definitions to a successful person.

On the contrary, true success shows in the lives that you positively touch and the difference that you make in this world. Only then can you say that you’ve reached success.

There are so many folks who’ve come into my life and have changed me for the better, whether I realized it at the time or not. Some had money and some didn’t. Some had many possessions and some didn’t. I will tell you one thing though. While I am always honored to have someone whom is “successful” give me advice, I respect it more when there aren’t dollars or objects being flashed about. It’s not about what you show me in your wallet, it’s about what you show me in the type of person you are.

With that being said, here’s today’s white board message:


Success is not measured by possessions or financial wealth

Success IS measured by the amount of people you touch

Success IS measured by the positive difference you make

It’s not about how you live, it’s about how you die

The Ultimate Success Is Measured By Your Legacy

What matters most is your legacy and how people remember you. No one is going to remember what car you were driving or what your house looked like decades from now. However, if you change someone for the better, even if it were just one life, they will remember you until the end of time.

So tell me, what is your take on success? Who has touched you in your life?

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