Show The World Who You Are


When people look at you what do they see? Do you ooze positive role model? Or do you come off as questionable?

Now, I didn’t ask what people “think” about you. By no means, should you ever put major weight into what is going on in another person’s mind because many will downplay who you are out of jealousy and such. No matter what people may think, they can only see what you show.

People can think you are doing something illegal because they can’t account for where your money comes from. However, if they see you’re always at the schools helping out, who gives a damn what they think. People can think you’re a pain in the ass but if you show that you are constantly and consistently helping the community, who gives a care what they think.

Observe how there is a big difference between what people think and what they see. If you constantly show people who you are, what they think really doesn’t matter.

Here’s today’s whiteboard message:


Is it n the way you walk?

Is it in the way you talk?

Is it in your business sense?

Is it in your community defense?

Do you take the time to teach?

How many people do you reach?

Do you take the time to learn?

How much do you give back of what you earn?


As long as you let your positive light shine, there is no place for the darkness of naysayers.

So, how do you show the world who you are?

Leave your answer in the comments below. Or you can write how awesome the post is. Your choice 😀