P.S. Tomorrow Never Comes


Each day that we awaken is a gift. With each breath comes the opportunity to be a better human being in every way possible.

There are so many times when I hear people say, “I’ll get to it tomorrow” or “Tomorrow will be better.” Honestly, everyone has been in the “maybe tomorrow” boat, not realizing that there is no such thing.

Now, if you’re a smart ass like me you’re probably saying, “Put off today what can be done tomorrow.” And I will say back to you, What is Today But Yesterday’s Tomorrow. So you see, tomorrow is nothing but a myth. It doesn’t truly exist.

Of course, we reach tomorrow but it becomes nothing more than today. That’s why you should always do for today and live for today. If you don’t get things done, so be it. As long as you’re working for the day right in front of you, you never notice tomorrow. And as long as you keep going it’s always today.

Each moment is precious and should be used as such. Whether you are using the time to learn or teach, you should be using it positively and productively. Even if you’re outside playing football or basketball with your little grown people, as I do, you’re teaching them fundamentals and getting an awesome workout all at the same time.

So today’s white board motivation is this:

Each moment should be used for advancement:








We should always make personal and professional advancement a key goal within our lives. This way we will always be learning which will allow us to teach those who come after us. It’s amazing to be able to mentally, physically, and spiritually grow. The world becomes bigger than we could ever imagine.

So, how do you advance yourself?

Share your answers in the comments below. OR you can tell me how great life is. Your choice. 🙂