Invest In You


When you think of an investment, right away you see dollar signs. Makes sense. Most times, people are talking about investing in your future, they mean buying stocks/bonds or paying for college. However, every investment doesn’t include money.

The greatest way to invest is by utilizing your time. Much like I said in yesterday’s post, you should always spend time expanding your mind. There are so many resources available to you that cost absolutely no money. Free e-books and webinars are examples of just that.

You should constantly be an investor of time. The return available on such investments is worth more than any dollar amount. Some may not think so, but ask a millionaire about investing. They will tell you reading and continuing to learn is crucial in making money. So, having money doesn’t make you exempt from making the proper mental investments.

Today’s white board inspiration is:

Invest In You

You can’t be successful without the proper investments

Read a book

Take a class

Utilize Your Time

Expand Your Mind

If you put half as much effort into positively investing your time as you do watching the latest television shows, you would come out of it much wiser. Educating yourself should always take a front seat in the vehicle of life. If not, you could miss out on vital information that could keep you going within your career or in life in general.

So, what investments have you made in yourself?

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