Set Goals. Build Communities. Be Consistent. Be Determined.


As you know, I have created an affirmation board each morning with an inspirational saying and/or quote to get everyone’s day going. Honestly, these boards are speaking to me as much as they are speaking to you. Depending on how I awaken, the message can be tougher or more laid back.

Regardless of whether for you or I, the sentiment is the same. I want myself and every one of you to BELIEVE YOU CAN BE!!! I’ve even started using the hashtag, #BelieveYouCanBE when writing motivational tweets or advisory Facebook posts. It’s my way to reach my hand out and help you become the greatest at whatever you want to be.

The best ways to become the greatest are fourfold:

  • You MUST set goals for yourself; personal and professional, short and long-term. You don’t know where you’re going without a road map. Be mindful not to over work yourself. Making little goals that lead to bigger goals is a great way to stay on track.
  • You MUST build a community around yourself. Going into any venture alone is a bad idea. Trust me when I tell you, being solo dolo will make the path to success longer and filled with more roadblocks. Every successful person has surrounded themselves with someone or another. Whether it’s super supportive friends and family or goal-oriented, driven professionals in your niche, you need community.
  • You MUST be consistent. If you only work on your craft 3 days out of a 7 day period or once every few weeks, your longevity will be jeopardized. Constantly working at what you do or learning about what you do will catapult you to where you want to be.
  • You MUST be determined to be the best. As long as you resolute to reach the top of the mountain, you WILL get there. No matter how long it takes, having in mind that you ARE going to make it will always guide you through.

When trying to become what you wish you MUST, above all else, BELIEVE. That’s why today’s white board inspiration is this:


-Anything you set your mind to

-More than any negativity in your life

-A beacon of hope for your family

-The role model you aspire to be

-A positive force throughout the world

Set Goals. Build Communities.

Be Consistent. Be Determined.

No matter what anyone else says or does, you have to believe in YOU.

So, what do you wish to be? (Nothing is too small or too big)

Leave your answer in the comment section below. Or you can give a tidbit about how this blog rocks. Your choice. 🙂