Just A Girl…Finally

This is a very proud moment. After all the setbacks due to surgeries and a huge move, the day is finally coming. I present to you the cover for Just A Girl, the first book in the Passion, Pain, Pleasure series that I have worked on for two years.

Just A Girl Cover

Just A Girl is the Passion in the series. It explores all the experiences, traumatic and joyous, that led to the fire that drives a writer. Inside, you will find poems and stories that will move you to laugh and cry. It will walk you through a sometimes trying journey that will empower women who have made the tough decisions to become the women they are today.

Women everywhere will be able to relate to these very real and raw tales. What woman hasn’t been at a point where she was just a girl. A point where she just wanted to belong. A point where she may have made the wrong decisions for the right reasons. A point where she just wanted to be respected, supported and understood in her femininity.

No matter how strong she is outwardly, deep inside she is always just a girl. And for this reason, I write to make her strong. From the lessons of my life she will be able to open up to her true self.

For the woman who is hiding behind a smile or a scowl. For the woman who lives through love or loves to live. For the woman who is strong in her beliefs or lacks the same. For the woman who has a voice or the one who is afraid to speak. For the woman who wakes up everyday and works hard to be a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, entrepreneur, caretaker, worker, and all the above. This book is for you.

You are a woman by any standard but inside you are just a girl. And it’s okay. Being a girl is awesome.

Also, this book will be a guiding light for young women looking for their place in this world. It will help them reach for goals that may seem unattainable. It will assist in getting around roadblocks and keep them from traveling down the wrong road. By looking at the experiences within the stories told, they will be able to make better and brighter decisions concerning their education, romantic life, family and friendships.

The young woman will be able to see that the world can be harsh but if she is strong she will find all that she seeks.

I look forward to the release of the first book in the Passion, Pain, Pleasure series and hope that all of you get it and share it with someone who needs to know it is okay to be just a girl.

Stay up to date on the release on Twitter @ #JustAGirl

And I will be looking forward to hearing YOUR stories soon.