#8 Writing Is…

Life is a constant celebration, even in times when it doesn’t seem so.

Through writing we can learn about the past, understand the present and try our hands at predicting the future. Although, that last one I wouldn’t readily recommend.

Regardless of where you want to place your writing, it is a celebration of things unknown until you put forth the words to write about it.

Whether it’s a story long ago past, something that you just saw or a land that may come sometime soon; you are the guide for your readers and in such are celebrating that part of history.

So, stand up and give yourself a round of applause when you complete that article. Or better yet shout out a Woot! Woot! when you finish that blog post for your daily readers. You know, I even recommend doing a little happy dance when the first draft of that novel gets done.

Celebrate your work regardless of where it takes place or what stage of the writing process you’re in. You know why? Because you wrote it, duh! 🙂

#8 Writing Is... (1)

What is writing to you? Come on. Don’t be shy. I would love to know your perspective. Write me in the comment section. I’ll be sure to respond.

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