Year of Transparency

Hey there!!!

I’m so glad you’re back with me, Trina Lynne, for another year. It’s been a long road and I appreciate your ongoing support. If you’re new here, welcome!!!

This year is about change!

As you know, this is the place where you get to take part in my journey to the sky. You will get to see all that goes into becoming the greatest in the career of your choosing. My career choice, of course, is that of a writer, editor, and consultant. And boy has it been the journey.

This year I’m doing things a bit different from what I have in the past. I’m not a sharing type sometimes and it has been a crippling reason for someone like me. I believe the more you know about me, the better you can relate.

I’ve decided to shed all the negativity and go for the gusto. I want to grab success by the horns and ride it into the sunset. Instead of hiding the makings of Trina Lynne, I figure it’ll be more fun to show you just what goes on behind the scenes and inside this big ole head of mine.

This will be such an empowering experience for me and I do hope that you will find it just as empowering. I want you to take my stories and use them to motivate you to new heights. I want you to watch my triumph and let them uplift you. By all means, don’t forget to learn from my mistakes along the way as well.

Trust me, this is a very scary thing to do, putting myself out there on front street. However, I feel the best way for me to help you be your best writing self is for you to actually watch my transition so you know it can be done.

Don’t hold back from having Ambitious Endeavors. I Mean, Really Dude, you can do whatever you put your mind to and I will show you that I mean ANYTHING!!!

So follow along with me on my year of transparency. I just love having you on this journey with me.