Why I Made The Decision to Invest in Myself & My Business (And Why You Should Too)

Invest in Yourself and Your Business

I would like to believe I’m a pretty smart cookie when it comes to investing in me. Not trying to brag. Just being honest.

In my business and writing, I plan accordingly and use the best ideas to move forward. Within that plan, I use several different services and products to work more efficiently – working smarter, not harder.

But I wasn’t always the sharpest knife in the business drawer.

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For 6 and a half of my 8 years in business, I refused to invest in myself. I mean, completely avoided it.
My philosophy, or the lack thereof, was I could learn anything and everything I needed to know for free.
And I didn’t stop there. I figured I could find free alternatives to some of the paid programs and services the “popular kids” used.

This was really boneheaded thinking on my part.

However, you couldn’t tell me I was wrong. I kept going this way without prejudice.

I downloaded every free e-book, workbooks, infographic, and cheat sheet from top influencers.
I would also sign up for free webinars, staying long enough to get the attendee bonus and opting to bail once the host started in on their sales shtick.

While I learned many things, when it came time to execute, I felt like I was lacking. This caused me to become hesitant and my content suffered.

I became super self-conscious about everything I wrote and every business decision I made.

The worst part, I didn’t trust myself so how would others trust me enough to hire or buy from me.
With blogs lacking content, a sub-par social media following, and a rejection away from a deep depression, I made a conscientious decision that would alter things forever.


I had to succeed by doing whatever I needed to do. And that included investing in myself and my business.


The Road to Success Starts with a Single Step


I bought a few books I’ve wanted to read but I couldn’t find in the library. Amazon delivered to my house every other week. I think Dale Carnegie became my best friend. (Not actually. Kind of impossible.) Sophia Amoruso and Jen Sincero are on my list of s-heroes. And I found a new level of respect for Stephen King after reading On Writing.

But I couldn’t stop there.

It wasn’t enough to get amazing advice from some incredible people. I needed guidance as well.

So, I got a business coach. The advantage of having someone walk me through certain business practices is priceless. In hindsight, she charged way too much for too little. But that’s neither here nor there and it isn’t going to hinder my decision to do whatever needs doing.

It wasn’t a total waste of money. I learned about several services and products that I now use in my business such as Calendly and Zoom. My clients are able to schedule easily with me and I conduct weekly mastermind sessions. Two things which are easier to carry out without a lot of hassle. Much better than my free choices.

I didn’t stop there either.

I took my biggest step ever when I invested in the Speak and Write to Make Millions 3-day conference. It was actually cheaper than you would think considering the amazing value I got from the experience. Plus, because I attended I got many more services at super discounted rates, such as InfusionSoft.

Quick note: I wanted InfusionSoft from almost the beginning of my career but told myself I would never pay for such a thing.

Attending the Speak And Write to Make Millions 2017 via Livestream

Now It’s Your Turn to Invest


I have said so much to make this point: Investing in yourself and your business is the greatest thing you could ever do.

In 1 and a half year, I’ve gotten more done and reached more people than over the entire 8 years I’ve been in business.

Imagine what you could do in that time or less.

Free resources are good. Totally nothing wrong with them. They are a source that are useful.

But you can’t depend on free stuff if you want to have any kind of success. Freebies are a good starting point, but you shouldn’t stay there.

Also, going at it alone isn’t your only choice. Sure, you are that independent business owner, but you’re gonna have to pull out your wallet to get real results. Having a coach can help you bypass a lot of extra stuff. Besides, if Oprah and Tony Robbins need a coach, so do you.

Lastly, get out the house more. Or, at the very least, meet new people through a teleseminar or livestream. You’d be surprised who you meet and the resources you find out about by taking part.

I know this may seem like a lot, but I’m laying it all out there for you. I was exactly where you are, feeling how you feel.

Trust me when I tell you:

When you value yourself and your business enough to invest in it, people will start to value you and your business too.
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